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My Bali Trip.

View from my bedroom, overlooking the Sacred River leading to the Sea.

Well it was a very long journey to Bali from the Uk, I left my home at 7am on Sunday and on Monday 4pm, I was expecting to start my training the following day. I met the other students who wanted to become teachers, they were form Sweden, Australia, Singapore, & USA, this was truly an International group of students.

After introductions we swiftly went to the local beach for meditations and Mantram chanting, bringing energies from all directions north, south, east, and west, this went on for around 1 hour and I remember feeling so much at peace and a feeling of tranquility inside of me, just being there on the beach with the hot air and drifting of the waves made me feel still inside.

The following day we went for a full moon ceremony at the founders home, this was a special empowerment as this full moon was the most important and powerful in the Bali calendar. There were several yellow shirts there who were local Bambu Kuning's, these people were dedicated and very experienced with the energies.

There was so many different energies being invoked that we were almost in a hypnotic trance which was nice. Following the initiation we went to the founders private temple in the mountains for a full evening of meditations, this went on all night until 6am the following morning, I drifted in and out of consciousness and during the night I saw several visions which are private. What an experience, I can't explain in words.

The following day was fasting form 6am until 6am the next day on just white rice and water, Yummy, during a fast we did not do the sport, as we were advised not to do anything that required alot of effort or gave pleasure, we were not allowed anything that gave us pleasure, no tv, no alcohol, no smoking, no sexual pleasure etc, the next day we started training.

We started training on the beach with pak nyoman level 11, Pak was a small man in stature who spoke English, however it was not his native tongue, we started with offerings to the Gods and lit incense followed by our morning Mantram's.

Then we started to build up the energy inside of us with level 1 and level 2 Mantram's, this was followed by level 3 Mantram's and telepathy exercises. By now the energy was really building up, the red fire from level 1 really did fire our systems up.

Now it was time to do what they call sport, this consisted of a series of foot and arm movements to release negative energies and to draw on different aspects of the energies which we were now using, the sport used dynamic tension to build up the magnetic energy as well as reciting Mantram's and holding the breath until the last movement where we let the energy out through our hands in dragon claw fashion, the movements were firstly to the front, followed by above our heads, then down to the ground.

Next came the test of power, this is where we can see/feel how much energy we had built up, it is amasing that in such a short space of time we can build up such a large amount of energy and channel it from our hands. For the first few times we used the test of power we were advised to do it sitting down as it is not uncommon to fall over, the energy build up was indeed very powerful and I am glad I did it sitting down initially. This is what I love about yellow bamboo, you do the movements and instantly you can test how much energy you have stored, it does not take years of serious study to become a good student, it just requires focused intention, Mantram's, movements, controlled breathing and you get the results fast.

Level 2 training followed right away, there were further Mantram's which invoked white hot fire into the body, this was in effect like adding petrol to the red fire that was already burning in our stomach, now we were cooking (excuse the pun), the Bali sunshine and energy was really taking effect now. We were introduced to an energy called Gaja Mada and our ancestors to increase our power, well, this is where things got interesting because when you build up so much energy in your bodies the energy needs to come out somewhere and this is where things really happened for me and others, the energy took us over, it was like being in the body, yet at the same time being an observer of what was happening, several of us were being moved by the energy consciously, I mean to watch it you would think we had been taken over by and energy, and this is how it felt, we were almost bursting with energy.

The ancestor's test of power was interesting, we invoked whatever ancestral energies we wanted and brought them inside of us, this was a new experience for me, my body filled up and it is very hard to put into words however I shall try, I called in a GOD energy and immediately my body was exploding with this energy, I was moving around the beach as if I was being operated by a force which I have never known before, of course as soon as we fully relax the energy leaves us; wow, I thought this is only day 1 and already I have felt and experienced more energy that many years of using other systems.

Next came level 3 which was for myself and Peter from Sweden, we were introduced to the concept of level 3 which was to build very hot fire into our bodies, to use this power to do good things and to be able to see at a distance, see into the future, pull others towards us or to push them away.

The Mantram's were very different from level 1 and 2 where we had to hold our breath and tense our whole bodies during the Mantram's, level 3 was gentle slow breathing whilst reciting Mantram's silently, the energy was drawn into our belly and then swirled around getting faster and faster, building in strength each time, the level 3 Mantram was hot white fire, boy was I sweating by now. The next Mantram was water energy to balance the fire we had built up earlier, it was also asking GOD the power of the universe to bless me and make my body holy.

The good thing about Yellow Bambu is that it is not a set religion, it embraces all beliefs and all religions so no matter what beliefs you have they are honored in the system.

The Telepathy exercises were to help us to see whatever we wanted to see, The future, to see at a distance, to see into the heart and soul of another person, as well as being able to influence people, obviously for the highest good. We were taught how to transmute someone's negative thoughts into love.

We learned how to push energy and pull energy which was very strong indeed.

After the 2 hour morning session we were asked to do 2 hours Mantram meditations before the afternoon class, boy did this give some real insights to the potential of this energy work.

The afternoon classes were a repeat of the morning class, again 2 hours in length. Now you would imagine that all this work would leave us tired, well I had more energy after a session than before it began, I had very little sleep but it was almost like being on a permanent high, like some kind of energy drug. Each session finished with what is called Savasana meditation which was a relaxation meditation where we relaxed each body part, asked for forgiveness for each body part including internal organs, bones, etc., then we would visualise peeling our skin off our body to reveal bright white clean skin, then we imagined our body disappearing part by part, following that we left our body and flew up into the sky all dressed in white, we asked for healing for anyone who needed it, then we flew even higher to meet our GOD, we asked for whatever we wanted/needed and took that wish back to the physical realm, back into our bodies.

following the above we then did healing on each other for whatever we needed, no matter what level a person needed healing the yellow bamboo energy could heal. It has been said that yellow bamboo is like a garage that can repair any make of vehical. In healing Yellow Bamboo heals on all levels.

This was the basic format for the training, 6 hours a day, this was repeated every day except for the fasting day, no sport is done on fasting days, fasting is done after being initiated and going up 1 level.

well that is a very brief outline to the training in yellow bamboo. We were to get a surprise on the last 2 days of the trip because the founder Drs. Nyoman Serengen does not teach anymore, he does the initiations but he does not teach. Nyoman Serengen was asked if he could teach us for 2 days and he agreed, well this was just the icing on the cake, to be taught by the founder and have private coonsultations by him was just brilliant, he is a gentle man who radiates love, we learned so much form him that had not been part of the regular training, he taught us the energetics of the system and what is possible, the keys to the system which were, the form, meditations, and conrol of the emotions.

On my return to the UK I weighed myself and althought I had not lost any weigh, due to the dynamic tension I had gained muscle mass and definition, I had actually lost 5 % body fat which is brilliant. Yellow Bamboo keeps us physically toned as well as burning excess fat from the physical body which is great.

That is all I want to share at the moment because I will be saving the inner teachings for my students.

God Bless












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