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"The Best Kept Secret Esoteric System Is Now Inviting You"

On the 12th of May 2006 when certain planets align to form the purnama the context is optimal for transmitting this high charged energy and a purnama upacara initiation ceremony will be held.

This is an unique opportunity because the founder himself will teach, not his students. It's very likely that this will never be repeated. This is not a marketing message, there is really a big possibility that this is the last time the founder himself will be teaching Westerners.

Bali Spiritual Training Retreat

May 11-21 2006 Singaraja, Bali

If you are, even for the slightest bit, thinking about a new career in the alternative health sector, adding a powerful healing method to your arsenal or even if you just want to undergo one of the strongest spiritual trainings available to humanity, I really urge you to be at this training. This will be bigger than the Chi Gong or Tai Chi boom. I know this for sure because this system offers more practical skills than the 2 other systems combined.


Turn your desires into reality by following your passions

Just think about all the people out there searching for spiritual nourishment and teaching. A lot of them hop from one course to another and don't even get a glimpse of the techniques Yellow Bamboo has to offer. Now we invite you to become a licensed teacher of Yellow Bamboo. Imagine the income potential you will have with teaching such a powerful system. At this moment there are only a handful of westerners that are allowed to teach this, heck there is only a tiny tiny part of the population that even knows about the existence of this system.

Here is a short overview of the things this system has to offer:


Rapid spiritual and energetic development. (Faster than yoga or Qi Gong, for example the school in Qi Gong which develops the power for the no touch knock out, requires about 10 years practice, with Yellow Bamboo it's a matter of months.)

Powerful healing method: healing yourself and others on a physical, emotional or psychological level.
A superior method of self-defense. Also against psychic attacks.

The development of an enormous inner power in a short time.

Because of the physical exercises with dynamic muscle tension this is also very good for your waist- line.

Loose fat and improve your muscle outline, great for your looks.

Trust and success in your life.

Go through live without fear for attacks, thieves or even ghosts.

Methods to draw customers towards you or people from the opposite sex.

A structured approach to your development. This way, your body gets the time to adjust and is your growth fast and safe. (as opposed to Kundalini).

Improve your health and vitality.

Communicate with nature which will teach you things about medicinal plants.

Improve your relationships with others automatically and learn how to draw people that you want into your life as well as getting rid of those that you don't want.

Telepathy. That you can use to influence business partners or decisions beforehand or just to pass information on to others.

Remote viewing. To look into people their bodies and find out what is wrong with them. Also reveal people their true nature.

A method for meditation that takes the nature of your mind in the modern society into account, which make it more agreeable. Also a very nice relaxation method.

A powerful physical workout.

Techniques to improve your spiritual, financial, emotional, energetic, psychological situation.

The fastest method to manifest what you want in your life.

At this time Yellow Bamboo consist of 16 levels. Which skills you are taught depends on which level you are at that time.

Can you start to imagine what the possibilities are, when you can offer this to people?

Thousands of people all over the world are searching for someone who can teach them these skills. Its like a mass of people in a dessert...

... the sun burning on their skin, their throats stinging from the lack of saliva caused by dehydration...

We offer you a chance to be the one that offers them water.

Not only will people look up to you and be very grateful for teaching these skills to them, you will also progress much faster in your own personal development. Its a basic psychological reflex, a feature of your mind, when you want to explain something to others your own understanding deepens.

Besides that there are also laws at work here that are more spiritual in nature. You will be given a tremendous power to help others and will be able to ease their pain and suffering. You can also protect them against danger. You can use your new energies to aid worthy causes and help the less fortunate and along the way you'd make the world a better place.


Furthermore there is a technique in Yellow Bamboo, which contains all the necessary key elements for successful manifesting. I've been testing and have been involved with several of these methods. Almost all of them contain only some of these elements, so you need to combine them in order to have something really effective. The Yellow Bamboo savashana- meditation is the only technique I've come across that holds all the necessary elements in it.

Ok, Yellow Bamboo is an Eastern system, so they aren't really bothered with explaining why things work, as we westerners tend to be, so you might not be able to find out what these master keys are on your own. Therefore when you are in Bali, and you would like some more explanation of this technique...

At level 3 you'll be taught another technique that can be used for manifestation that is also very powerful. You can use these to draw clients to your own Yellow Bamboo courses or your healing practice.

What is included with the 10 day

Bali Spiritual Training Retreat Program

May 11-21 2006

Transport from and to the hotel: We will come and pick you up at the Denpasar airport in Bali and bring you to the hotel where the rest of the group is staying.

The part of Bali where the trainings are held are outside the big tourist areas and are safe. But if you want we will provide you with an escort to guarantee your safety. That is how much we value you and appreciate it that you study our teachings.

You get 10 days stay during which all meals are included.

You will get a private consultation with the founder. Imagine being able to ask someone with so much spiritual experience any question you want.

You'll receive your initiation at the Yellow Bamboo center along with the locals.

You will get a energy transfer to power up and increase your energy already from the start of the course. This will make your training much stronger.

We will take you to a temple at a secret location. I can't write anything more about the experience you will witness there, but let me just say this will probably be the most powerful spiritual experience you will ever have had. If you really need to know, send me an email and I'll tell you.This is done specially for the Western students, since the Balinese students don't get to witness this until they have a very high degree in Yellow Bamboo. Its our gift to you for helping us with spreading this techniques.

We will take you by boat to one of the most holy places in Bali, visit the tempels and do a night-time meditation there. At this high energy location you will receive your second energy transfer.
We will teach you the level 1&2 exercises. Be sure to have a look at the description of level 1 & 2 elsewhere on this site.

You'll be taught the Yellow Bamboo healing method, and you will be getting A LOT of extra healing information and techniques. We have organised this in an interactive way so you will be able to ask the founder all questions you have about healing.

You will learn the mantras and have the chance to hear them in their correct pronunciation.

You will do the knocking down test, where you get the opportunity to knock someone down without physical contact.

You will receive a certificate stating your current Yellow Bamboo Level and a license to teach.
You will be training at an intense level during these 10 days. But we will make sure you have a good time with us too.

You will receive the Yellow Bamboo uniform and belt. Which will be blessed by the founder during your initiation.

Or € 997 with a € 99 deposit:

Yellow Bamboo

You can make the money for your training back by giving 1 or 2 Yellow Bamboo courses once you're back home, since there is a huge starving market for these techniques. So you only gain by coming to Bali.

You see, I do realize that 2006 is pretty close, but if you are the slightest bit serious about your personal and spiritual development, I don't think this is a course you can afford to miss. Its where you place your priorities that shows what is important to you.

To summarize what you gain by coming to Bali:

You will receive an intensive training during 10 days and meet the founder in person.

Your hotel and ALL MEALS meals are included as well as transport from and to the airport.

Yo get a Yellow Bamboo uniform. and registration

You receive your initiation and a license to teach Yellow Bamboo.

If you'd like to register, please pay your deposit of 97 euros. The remaining part will be paid in Bali.

PS. I think it's obvious I worked very hard to make you a great offer, I really hope you take me up on it because we would really like to welcome you in Bali and help us with spreading the Yellow Bamboo knowledge througout the world.

All this is included for the total of US$ 1,227

If you'd like to register, please pay your deposit of $122. The remaining part will be paid in Bali. You will be able to pay with a credit card there, but there is a 2% surcharge.

PPS Once we received your registration, you will receive all the necessary practical details. There is no malaria in Bali, so don't worry about that. You will be in a group of like minded people and will make some new friends for sure.

I really hope we can welcome you in Bali


You can only imagine how special the Bali Training is going to be in October, The High Level Magic is now being shared via the Teachers group which are being channeled through Yellow Bamboo. We can all grow strong and powerful on all levels by applying the Teachings. I think we are being given a huge opportunity to grow and develop on all levels.

Each time we train we grow and develop, we learn and communicate with the elements, we channel energy through our energy matrix, we can attain Spiritual Bliss. If you have things that need to be cleared, or if you want to accelerate your personal growth on all levels so that it can be used for the highest good of all concerned, then your decision to learn in Bali is a request you should put out to the Universe, trust and accept you are meant to be where you are right now.

If you like your comfort zone then I congratulate you, if you don't like your comfort zone, then I invite you to attend the most important life changing system of Energetics that is available in the healing world and also the metaphysical world that I have ever come across. Do you want to develop with a system of training that delivers the goods?


***Pak Serengen ( the founder of Yellow Bamboo) and the top priests of the yellow bamboo will be training you .***

***We will be having Pak Serengen personally teaching the Mantram and sport

October 2006 Yellow Bamboo instructor training program

Arrive 11 may
full moon 12 may
leave 21 st

May 12th full moon pasupati ceremony and consult pak serengen

night meditation temple


Night time mantram and pranayama training pak serengen ( Founder of Yellow Bamboo )

Daily routine twice daily; morning and afternoon

Mantram & Breathing demonstration by the founder of Yellow Bamboo

Sport & Demonstrations by the founder of Yellow Bamboo

Group insights from the founder

Test of power

Sivasana relaxation

Practice healing group sessions

questions and answers from the founder

Initiations Direct from the Founder

Personal consult with the founder to ask questions or receive healing


Only 997 Euros all inclusive pickup drop off airport, 10 nights accommodation lovina with ac, hot water, all meals, training fees, materials, registration, certification, uniform.

Bring: light loose clothing including two pairs of black loose pants for workouts, sleeping bag and yoga mat for temple meditation, large bath towels, mossie repellent, suncream, hat.



My Bali trip number 2

I wanted to know how to get more power and to progress faster, so I went on this course hoping that I would deepen my knowledge of Yellow Bamboo. Now afterwards I can see that I got exactly what I wanted plus a lot more. Pak Nyoman Serengen and the other teachers gave us plenty of information on how to progress faster and I got all my questions answered.

One thing I enjoy now afterwards is that I feel and see the energy when healing more clearly, and it’s easier to stay 100% focused.

To summarize the course for me:

Great people, great YB teachers, great course.

Peter Semjonow, yellow bamboo teacher

The training has given me a new sense of confidence and safety and trust. I know now that I do not have to fear aggression and attack from other people; I can protect myself in such situations. Also I noticed that I am generally calmer and more peaceful.

Best wishes for your training in October.

love and light

Sorry for the delay. Been very bussy and the more I could get away from the PC the better.
I'll go to Bali, I just go through your site? Like last time?

My testimonial:
Getting to Bali was the smartest thing I could do: being surrounded by all the people with similar interests yet there own backgrounds. Everybody had something to teach. Very stimulating. And the group makes it easier to practice harder than on your own.

Koen ( Belgium)


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If you can't come to Bali you can order the full training in all levels here

UK Head Teacher of Yellow Bamboo-Bambu Kuning.


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