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First of all I would like to offer each visitor to this site a warm welcome, my name is Dez and I am a dedicated and Certified Teacher of Yellow Bamboo.

If you have a physical complaint that needs treating please visit my healing Clinic Website, meridian healing click here

If you have an emotional or mental health complaint that needs treating please visit my Mind therapy Website click here

On this website you can receive free videos of how to perform Yellow Bamboo at level 1, as well as having the opportunity to be trained by myself in Hanley Stoke On Trent or throughout the Uk, I will be offering workshops which will teach you all you need to know to be able to perform yellow Bamboo for your own personal development, protection, healing and spiritual growth/ awareness.

Workshops will be held in Staffordshire and also throughout the UK. (Please inquire)

Yellow Bamboo is a system of Teachings for personal development, & healing, the association founded in Singaraja Bali has currently over 30´000 members world wide. The purpose of Yellow Bamboo is to create the necessary power within you to achieve the positive outcomes you desire.

The benefits with Yellow Bamboo are that you learn very powerful methods of healing, self-development. Awareness and protection.

On the first level of training you learn healing and protection techniques. To advance to the next level usually takes about 2 months of serious practice. You will know when you are ready to progress.

The Bali Bambu Kuning Institution was formally established on 17 August 1989, exactly on the Purnama Karo (second moon night)) and registered under the Department of Education Office of Bali Province No.: 62a/I.19/ket/J/1990 Number 13.

In September 2004 I went to Bali to learn from the Masters of Yellow Bamboo in it's native land, I was fortunate enough to be trained by the founder of Yellow Bamboo Nyoman Serengen, the spiritual insights I have learned during my training's in Bali will be imparted on my personal teachings program, I will also share the Energetics of this system of development. My intention is to expose Yellow Bamboo to as many Lightworkers as I am able.

In my experience Yellow Bamboo is the most advanced healing system which requires no symbols or complicated methods, it embraces every belief system, and it is the next generation in healing, health, personal growth. Awareness, spiritual advancement and strengthening of the energy matrix for wholeness and well-being.

Brief history of PTD. Bambu Kuning.

The descent of vision or words of PTD.Bambu Kuning was firstly received by Bapak Drs. Nyoman Serengen (he is the founder /Chairman of PTD Bambu Kuning Bali Center) located in Singaraja. Commenced by miracles and mystical matters while bathing on the beach within the compound of the Temple of Segara Penimbangan Panji at the District of Singaraja Buleleng . While he was relaxing and enjoying the panorama of ocean view, Bapak Drs. Nyoman Serengen was encircled by two white butterflies.

Due to the commonly existing of the insect, at first he did not pay attention to it; however after some cryptic mystery,the butterflies keep surrounding him as if playing around to be caught, they tempted him to chase and catch them.

Unnaturally each time he ran after them the butterflies attempted to flying farther but he did not mind, again and again the butterflies encircled Bapak Drs. Nyoman Serengen. It repeatedly happened like that, he got crossed and chased them.

After some distance it happened mysteriously beyond the common sense, he went into what seemed like a zombie (Trans) though in conscious condition; when, at that instant he heard a mysterious voice like some words/vision which was amongst others that night (after the incident on the beach at Segara Penimbangan) saying "be prepared to receive a mystery guest".

Anxious and frightened, on the night after the occurrence on the beach some mysteries occurred. Drs. Nyoman Serengen was in a room where the doors and windows were locked, but still the mystery guest was able to enter and leave as if there was no barrier, and the strangest thing was the visit of the mystery guest was preceded by some violent vibration around the house.

The tall and gigantic guest with powerful voice communicated with him regarding the system now known as PTD Bambu Kuning. He was told of asceticism, hermitage and meditation , respiratory, stroke and generating breath at sufficiently long period is required for Students.

The Intention of PTD. Bambu Kuning Establishment.

Based on the vision of PTD. Bambu Kuning establishment is to give factual proof that the serious follower of the Bambu Kuning system at a certain stage shall be able to receive direct communications and even factual direct communications spiritually.

This at first may seem irrational and thus, it is hard to believe except through the dedicated practice which makes the wonders of the Universe, self evident through experience and practice of PTD. Bambu Kuning.

The Aim of PTD. Bambu Kuning Establishment.

A). To give spiritual guidance: BK (Bambu Kuning) followers soon realise that beyond the physical matter we are currently aware of, there is indeed proof that there is indeed a power beyond peoples current beliefs.

B). To increase the spiritual quality of a person and to enable the interrelation of the soul to The Creator.

C). To train in a spiritual manner through hermitage and asceticism. It is expected that students will to be able to master self control and conscience.


D). To keep physically healthy through set movements, obtaining energy beyond our regular beliefs, which can be used to heal oneself or others. Using Dynamic tension during the sport we are able to keep the physical body toned and fit.

E). Build up sufficient spiritual power to prevent every attack from mal-adjusted people intent on harm. Ideal for protecting you and your home as well as loved ones.

Method of exercise.

Owing to its function as being a foundation of supernatural power (PTD), Yellow Bamboo naturally use exercises which stimulate the release of this power.

PTD Bambu Kuning exercises are performed by very simple gesture thus is expected that all members shall be able to do it easily.

The PTD. Bambu Kuning exercises are a combination of regular physical movement, using the perspiration system through the mouth and nose.

The inhaling of a breath via mouth and nose; along with certain postures, held for a considerable time are then released followed by the movement of the hands. This is performed regularly and continuously. Sacred Mantram are repeated in the mind.

To prepare the member of PTD Bambu Kuning's daily life, the spirit has to be kept up whilst also cultivating the power of microcosmic mystery within the human body by way of asceticism.

Please note that Bamboo Kuning (Yellow Bamboo) is only used for good, if you have any questions about the training's I offer please feel free to e mail me


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