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Comments from Yellow Bamboo Students

We asked some students of Yellow Bamboo why they invest the time and effort to study. Here's some real life quotes from other students;

"Before I joined Yellow Bamboo my life was a mess and I
was willing to try anything. After just one week all of
my problems disappeared.

--Lisa Kern, SWEDEN

. Once I did the first Yellow Bamboo meditation I
started crying from joy. THIS is what I have been looking
for ALL my life."

--Nick Good, ENGLAND

"I got involved with the Yellow Bamboo because I was
intrigued by the fundamental concept of using positive
energy in all aspects of my life. My experiences have
been truly satisfying and I have enjoyed and loved every
minute of it."

--Margret M Northcroft, AMERICA

I am studying the energy system Yellow Bamboo and find the combination of mantras, pranayama and the entire YB system very powerful. You learn how to draw universal energies from outside sources with the help of daily energy exercises, and store this energies in your personal energy center that is known as Hara in Qi Gong, Nei Gong etc. This stored energies mix with your personal energies and make you stronger and healthier. You will also be able to use this extra energies for healings similar as Reiki does.

Yellow Bamboo's techniques also make sense from the energy dynamics point of view. The mantras and pranayama exercises are methods of invoking energies, connecting with them and stimulating the subconscious and superconscious minds, methods of doing this are probably as old as humankind on Earth and have been used in one form or the other (with different words but same intent and same meaning) by shamans, priests, lamas, avatars, etc, since ever.

I feel that it is a great service to humankind that Mr. Pak Serengen combined methods and introduced them as Yellow Bamboo to everybody who would like to learn them, without making a gainful business out of it. God bless them for their dedicated work and generosity.


With warm regards,

Where does this leave healing systems like Reiki Healing?

Reiki, particularly Usui Reiki, is - to my understanding - especially useful for general healing. In the sense of overall stimulation of the patient's self healing process which requires adding healing energies from an outside source via a channel.(The Practitioner, or the healee her/himself) especially if the dis-ease is caused by energy depletion.

MPRUE (Magnussa Phoenix Reiki Universal Energy) is mainly used for energy surgery, it requires the practitioner to actively use the energies and work with them. We remove manually negative (disease) energy clusters, elementals, entity attachments, cordings, implants, blockages in the meridians, etc. You can also use MPRUE for manifestation and energy transformation with the techniques of the higher MPRUE levels. MPRUE is also speeding up the individual spiritual progress with the help of weekly empowerments and meditations.

Yellow Bamboo is an excellent way to store cosmic energy in your own hara and make it available for whatever purpose you need it. As you know, in your Hara you have a storage of your own life energy and when it is depleted, you feel weak, fall sick and eventually die. Now, if you add all this cosmic energies by daily energy exercises etc, you not only regenerate yourself and help your body to function at it's best, but you also have excess energy available for healing others, for manifestation and energy transformation, and - as some whom I know already experienced it - ward off people who attack you. I do not know what else YB can do as I only studied 2 out of 13 levels till now, but I feel that there is much more behind it.

I feel that all three systems can complement each other very well as all of them use universal energy and are based on universal laws and truths, although the individual practical application differs and it is also a question of personal preference what one feels most comfortable with. As for me, I love all three systems and integrate them in my life. One never stops learning, and I might even explore more in future. :-)))))

With love and best wishes,


My experience of Yellow Bamboo so far: Peter Semjonow ( Sweden )

I became Yellow Bamboo member sometime early 2004, I had tried it before and I wanted to explore it even more. During my time with YB i have had the chance to heal people, that have been successfully healed from chronic injuries, I have tried defending myself from attack during a YB workshop in Sweden, and I have had the chance to be the attacker myself three times, and I was knocked down every time I tried attacking. So I am very confident that Yellow Bamboo works very effectively in healing and protection.


Peter Semjonow, Stockholm, Sweden.




Comments from students I have trained in the UK



The first Certified Yellow Bamboo UK workshop was held in March 2005 and it was a powerful few days of lessons, learning's, self empowerment and growth.

Below are the comments of the UK workshop attendees

One of the best workshops ever, received so much in so little time. I am leaving hereEmpowered, you'll be seeing me again


What can I say, from start to finish was a suprisingly great journey, Dez was so accomodating, sensitive to each and everyones needs, an experience that was amongst one of my greatest.


This course was the best ever, the healing was great, there were many great surpises along the way, I feel totally transformed, the laughter, the togetherness, and the well informed teachings, brought us all together in a very special way. Thank you, love and blessings


Even though I had previously done the course with another teacher, Dez's course was more spiritual with more energy work, I really enjoyed the new learnings and lessons that were shared, I know I have more to learn so I will see you in Bali.


A fantastic course to start a fantastic journey, an experience of great energy and Love, I wouls like top thank you for all your guidance and help and healing


A well run professional course, learning, healing, healing,healing, healing, and healing with spirits!


Thank you so much for your dedication and sharing. the course has clarified weak areas in my practice. experiencing the immediate presence of energy and spirit has reinforced my faith and consequently given me Strength in knowing that anything is possible.

The Healing is tremendous and Dez enhanced my own healing pratice and he has given me the answers I needed in relation to my protection.

Love and Light



Hi Dez,

Thank you for a wonderful weekend and for sharing your knowledge so expertly. I gained so much from it and thought that the blending of each and every person there was brilliant.

I can't believe the difference that I feel in myself already. My partner thought that I must of spent the whole weekend washing because I looked so much brighter, and when I gave my youngest daughter a hug she said I think that course must have done something to you, you feel different.

They were both feeling ill, he had a bad head and back and she had a headache, and has had stomach problems for years, and is having hospital treatment for it at the moment, the tablets she is on are giving her quite bad side effects. They have never wanted to be involved in any of my spiritual work, have never accepted any healing, didn't even want to hear about it, but both of them accepted and even asked for Yellow Bamboo healing yesterday. Which of course I was only to happy to provide.

Thank you once again look forward to developing further with you in the future.

Love and Blessings

Shirley ( Student )

Hi Dez,

We're all home safe and sound. Thank you so much for a fabulous weekend. We all fee just fantastic.

I certainly learnt a lot and gained in so many ways. I met my objectives to enhance my healing capabilities and most importantly the confidence in my protection.

I definately have unblocked that old third eye, may awareness was keen and sharp on the way home. We popped in to see a friend of Benita's on the way home for a cuppa. He is a nice chap, as we were talking I could feel messages coming through for him. We were telling him about the Yellow Bamboo, he appeared a little interested so I gave him your numbers and he's taken down the website.

During his casual conversation he spoke of his nan, who has recently passed, she lived in Stoke on Trent! Then he casually said that a medium gave him a message about a Martial Art which would give him his protection, to which we all shouted "yes that's what the Yellow Bamboo will do" And I said it's know coincidence that you also live in Stoke! So may be you'll get a call from him, his name is David. But as you can see, we were not in a hurry to get home!

When I got home I could really feel this horrible energy sitting on the sofa. It has always been there, but I could really feel it now, I was convinced now that it was not my imagination, so I YB'd it!!!! and all feels good now!

Can you post the Bali details on the web or emails please, I will be having a serious think about that, just wanna see how my practise is going for a week or so.

Well, I feel that I have found my spiritual family and it feels like things are just beginning!. I enjoyed your company and out bantering, So holey sock! I stop for breath to draw breath now! shall catch up with you soon.

All love, light and Big Kiss






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