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Yellow Bamboo is a spiritual practice which originates from Bali Indonesia; it is a practice which can be learned by anyone who wishes to improve their well-being on all levels. Having studied many different metaphysical methods over the past 20 years and experienced many different energy systems, I have found Yellow Bamboo to be the quickest way to develop on all levels of my being.

The system uses Mantrams along with breathing techniques to build energy inside the physical body, health is improved and breathing function is strengthened. On a spiritual and energetic level our bio energy field ( Aura ) is balanced and strong, the bio energy field is where all dis-ease begins so it makes sense to clear any blockages here.

The physical dynamic tension that is used during the sport, generates energy throughout your system and using visualisation and intending to move energy from the hara ( energy centre ) out through the hands we can make healings very powerful indeed.

There are special meditations within the system which progress during your training, you can learn how to see at a distance, how to hear the sounds of the universe and nature, we also work with the elements and tap into energies in very powerful ways which if practiced can and will bring very fast results.

Being a healer myself I am always looking for the next best system that can help myself and also my clients in my clinic to get the fastest results available, this is why I went to bali to learn from the masters of Yellow Bamboo. I have received initiations to level 7, and so far and I am the first Westerner to be certified as a Yellow Bamboo Pembina ( Teacher ). The founder of Yellow Bamboo has taught me some very useful and powerful ways of healing with the energy which have not been shared outside Indonesia and for this I am very grateful.

There are no symbols used in the healings like other systems like Reiki, we heal in a different way altogether, we build up energy in our Hara and generate huge amounts of energy so that if it is needed we can use it for healing yourself or others, the energy is not only for healing it is also used to protect your self or your loved ones, you can protect your home your belongings, and what is most impressive is that you can protect your self from harm, this means that if someone tries to attack you either physically or psychically, you will be protected.

The spiritual nature of the system comes into it's own once you practice, the higher levels bring you closer to your creator/source/God depending on your belief system. Yellow Bamboo does not force any religion onto you rather it embraces whatever beliefs you already have, this is rather unique as most systems do have their own structure which can be quite rigid, yellow bamboo embraces all religions and beliefs.

At level 4 you can learn how to defend your self against all forms of attack, this can clearly be seen on the videos from my website, this however is only a small part of what the system is all about, yellow bamboo is about rapid self development, self realisation, spiritual development, healing, awareness, connection with the universe, and building spiritual discipline through practice.

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What is Yellow Bamboo?

Yellow Bamboo is a path of spiritual/self development, healing, health, protection and white magic founded in Singaraja, the northern tip of Bali. It is a spiritual practice control one’s inner energy in order to manifest our spirit’s intention to develop, heal, help others, protection etc.

As a spiritual path of white magic leading human beings back to Tuhan (God), Yellow Bamboo relies on moral virtues, concentration/focus, and belief in Tuhan (God).

In general, Yellow Bamboo is concerned with acquiring the necessary meditative stability & concentration, focus, internal energy and spiritual power to bring about healing, protection, tranquillity, and whatever positive goal that is desired. It rapidly build health, self confidence, concentration, endurance and well being as well as many other practical benefits.

Human beings are very powerful and are limited only by the nature and strength of their beliefs. Yellow Bamboo entrusts the practitioner to the Almighty God who is without limitation.

Yellow Bamboo is a path of Tenaga Dalam (Internal Power – Nei Gong). This involves development of internal power via yogic breathing methods (pranayama) and meditative stabilisation to create inner calm, focus and strength of body, mind and spirit. Essentially, Yellow Bamboo combines internal power development with the spiritual force of Balinese mysticism.

In contrast to other spiritual paths, Yellow Bamboo produces results quickly. In as little as 2 or 3 days of intensive practice, practitioners can feel the energy as it grows in their bodies. Natural elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Wood, Space) that exist in the world also exist within our human body, and Yellow Bamboo exercises nourish, stimulate, strengthen and increase them. With regular Yellow Bamboo practice, we can channel and control this energy for positive intentional goals.

One facet of Yellow Bamboo energy is the very powerful protective aspects which react with full force against anyone who is really intent on harming a protected person or property.

Being a spiritual practice of white magic, if someone uses Yellow Bamboo for negative intentions, it will either have no effect, or the energy will boomerang back on the practitioner. The power of Yellow Bamboo also can only be used when it is really needed, and can not be used for frivolous purposes such as tests, contests and challenges. When the practices of physical exercises, meditation and cleansing are carried out diligently the energy will automatically become available when it is required without need to summon it.

Yellow Bamboo practitioners must always be willing and ready to help people in suffering, need. or distress.

The benefit of Yellow Bamboo is to create the necessary power within you to achieve whatever positive goals you desire. Whether you desire self-realization, personal/professional/business/financial development, strength, confidence, success, greater self-esteem etc, Yellow Bamboo provides practical methods for easily and naturally achieving your outcomes.

Regular practice of the physical techniques, cleansing and meditation results in belief in the heart and mind that anything and everything is possible.

Once you begin to experience the unlimited force of Yellow Bamboo you can truly accomplish whatever you wish. One of the many benefits of the Yellow Bamboo is the immediate results you obtain actually while you are practicing.

The Yellow Bamboo program is a cohesive, step-by-step method of attaining spiritual and personal development. You will achieve more spiritual, personal, business and financial development in one month than in years of yoga and meditation.

Yellow Bamboo may have similarities with other spiritual traditions, in particular, Javanese mysticism, Majaphahit mysticism, Hinduism, Tibetan tantrism, Chi Kung (Qi Gong) and healing practices. Through meditation, prayer, visualisation, breath control, physical exercises and ritual, practitioners learn to transcend the mind and body.

Yellow Bamboo, although Hindu based due to Balinese culture, is flexible and open, and thus, does not impose any particular religion on its practitioners. There are Muslim, Christian and Buddhist practitioners of Yellow Bamboo

Yellow Bamboo has over 30,000 members worldwide. Because it requires a mature mind to practise, students generally must be above 16 years of age.

Written by John Chow

17 October 2004










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