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My name is Dez and over the last few decades I have studied many forms of Healing and Protection. Working with the Energetics of the Universe we can soon learn that there exists an Energy Matrix both inside our self and also the vast Universe itself which utilises energy on many levels including the Quantum levels, through experience we become aware of the possibilities that exist beyond our current Scientific understanding and beliefs. It is through these new experiences that we can learn to integrate a new way of working with energies and energy fields.

When we connect with Universal energies in new ways, then and only then do we begin to get an understanding of what is really possible.

Our thoughts and personal beliefs can, and do indeed restrict our way of thinking /acting in our daily life's, many people throughout the world now practice a way of working with energy called Reiki Healing, it was not long ago that people thought that healing was a made up placebo that only worked if a person believed in it, how times have changed, Royalty and many famous people now use Reiki healing for stress reduction and it has helped many people to heal on many levels. I myself have been a Teacher of over 80 different Reiki and energy healing systems for many years, all of which work very well indeed. Western Reiki was extensively practiced around the world until Original Usui Reiki came to the Western World.

New techniques to the west emerged, and ways of working with the Dantien / Tanden /Hara through Hatsurei and other energy techniques were being released through surviving students of the late Mikao Usui. Now Lightworkers are learning to trust in the energies even more and many practitioners no longer use symbols to connect to Universal energies.

Times have indeed evolved since Usui days and now more than ever in these changing times of Universal Consciousness Expansion, more and more people are learning to tap into and utilise the power of the Universe.

I discovered Yellow Bamboo whilst on an NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) course in Brighton, one of the tutors called Susan was chatting to me during a lunch break, we discussed energy dynamics and healing work, Susan mentioned a system called Yellow Bamboo, I said "I had never heard of it", she said "you learn to work with energy in new ways, you can protect yourself from attackers and they collapse to the ground, in higher levels you can take a soul from a person". I said "hmmm interesting", I did my research on returning back home and found http://www.yellowbamboo.com where I saw on video footage people being knocked down to the ground using energy projected from a practitioner of this Art. I thought to myself, "if and I mean if, it can do that, then the healing potential must be immense".

My quest for learning Yellow Bamboo or Bamboo Kuning as it is called in Bali began.

Bambu Kuning comes to the Western World
"What you believe is true, or becomes true within limits to be discovered experimentally and experientially. These limits are themselves beliefs to be transcended." John Lilly.

Below is the report of a new friend I found on the course called Fraser.

I'd heard that Bambu Kuning (Yellow Bamboo), which is just beginning to reach the West from Bali, Indonesia, is the ultimate form of Peaceful Self Defense, involving no physical contact at all - which sounded, shall we say, historically appropriate?

the photos on their web site were even more convincing - middle-aged Balinese matrons gunning down hordes of furiously attacking people by just aiming something at them through their fingers which brought them, yards away, rolling and twitching to the ground. Wow.

Everyone at the 4 day course in Derbyshire was unique in their own right, and varied from three youngish corporate types who'd driven up from London (one just back from an ayahuasca pilgrimage in brazil!) to a Scottish shaman lady called brandy who seemed to work in the expensive new age end of the American Indian scene. But I immediately picked out Dez who ran his own Total Energy Healing Centre or something oop north. Dez was 'large'. (Actually I use the word advisedly here because I emerged from the course with, for example, a picture of the teacher, Paul, as being bigger than most of us, but which the photos revealed to be shorter. Dez, too, turned out shorter in the shots, and clearly it's connected with how 'big' you feel inside or how 'big' you're projecting. Still, if Dez wasn't actually tall, he was certainly very broad and heavy set. (I'd guess you have to be pretty self-assured to run a new age centre oop north!)

the primary reason I picked him out, of course, was his previous experience in what Paul ( the Teacher) immediately recognised and both of them called "energy work" - all to do with "opening channels" and such. For, though in all realistic honesty I never expected to down big angry men with a wave of my wrist in 4 days, that was certainly the ONLY acid test. Dez would be my litmus paper. If he could learn to do it…

my own personal test, for myself, seemed a realistic aim. I'd figured for some time, all my life actually, that what I could most use was some kind of hermetic shield to protect me from other people's opinions and negative vibrations. That's where I lost a lot of 'energy'. I explained this to Paul at the very first meeting where he had each of us give a brief life history, our experiences in parallel fields, and what we hoped to achieve in this course. I knew, I told him, why I couldn't keep other people from entering my attention field. Due to my very socialist upbringing, I felt guilty, like I was being socially superior, if I tried to shut someone out. I didn't even want to lose my belief in the Brotherhood of Man and all that (am not mocking it). if I could find an answer to that I would leave the course content.

Dez was a very self-contained kinda guy who, as I got to know him, turned out to have spent "thousands, literally thousands of pounds on courses like this and never got anything at all." I'd been right, he was the experienced cynic I required for measuring in what was not really my normal personal habitat, the doubter, and already accepted as a 'brother expert' by Paul the teacher.

You should have heard his potted life story! he ran through just about every name in the field, particularly Reiki masters, and he and Paul clearly knew a lot of 'teachers' and techniques in common. Indeed, for the rest of the course, Paul would round off a long paragraph with something like "You do what you can do" and Dez would chuck in a buzz 'energy' phrase like "And sometimes more than YOU can do" which Paul would automatically repeat gratefully.)

Paul declared my aim a reasonable "test" as I think I'd phrased it. And I believe I got it! partly it was seeing what happened to Dez, and it was also a 'power' I gained from the "sports" which we did outside on the lawn.

No mock fighting involved

Bambu Kuning is not a fighting technique to practice at all. It's really a set of breathing and controlled imagination exercises (until the Force takes you over, that's the theory). it's got nothing to do, really, with karate or any other martial art, and seems the next evolution after aikido which uses the other's force against him. The technique cannot be used for unprovoked aggression, nor even in mock fighting which, is, of course, what all martial arts training and fighting amounts to. This one only works when the assailant is coming at you in a rage, with destructive intentions!

The first stage was Red Fire. We began by "finding our source" which Paul told us was however we saw it. He was always encouraging us to adapt each point to our own familiarity. My Source is above and slightly behind my head - I can't remember if he 'suggested' that or not but it definitely feels there now!

first step was to draw in 3 consecutive deep breaths without exhaling till we were bursting, imagining we were drawing in Red Fire. Later we added arm and other movements suggestive of drawing down this great energy into our bodies.

The next stage was to "fix" the energy in our lower stomachs by tightening all the muscles there "as if a volcano is trying to burst out", to store it deep for future use. Paul talked of feeling tired and then drawing in this energy and feeling energies and Dez agreed, this stored energy can then be used for deface of every kind and for healing.

Finally you breathe out as if you're exhaling a horrible black smoke consisting of all your impurities and doubts. At all times you're trying to actually 'see' these things. I adapted this to imagining the red fire was burning up all my impurities which I was then blowing out as black smoke - Paul agreed this was fine.

By the following day we were into yellow bamboo proper where we'd squeeze the energy around our bodies, filling up to the toes Esc, the next stage being to radiate it out of every part of our bodies, "to fill the room, the country, the planet, the universe". this, I learned later, explained how Paul's Balinese teacher effortlessly brought down attackers from behind!

soon (by the second day) we were directing the energy into our fingers which we learned to crab like a dragon's claws, and imagining (> seeing > believing) we were pushing it out to move gigantic boulders into the sky, deep into the earth or over the horizon in front of us.

There's little point in saying more about the techniques. It's the results that confirm or negate their efficiency. The whole raison d'être is that, as you increase the pressure, the theater of imagining uncontrollable energies, faster and faster, inhaling and exhaling, putting in every passion you ever had in your life while expelling black smogs of negative beliefs, suddenly THE ENERGY ITSELF TAKES YOU OVER!

suffice to say that, by the end of that day's exercises, I had this strange feeling, strange in that, though it was familiar, I couldn't identify it. I related it to the group meet afterwards as "like kicking yourself in the back and knocking yourself out of the normal body consciousness. This is like the quickest way of getting high, but so sudden that you feel lost, unready". Paul had described a state of consciousness beyond the ordinary one where you look at it without recognition. This gave me some insight into where the attackers go when the ray hits them, they're knocked into a higher state they weren't expecting and are unfamiliar with or unprepared for. It's the speed of the event that leaves you lost.

"The most powerful energy ever on this planet"

The first evening we watched a video Paul had shot of the technique in Bali, where he'd studied it over the last 5 years until being told by his teacher to introduce it to the west. One day he'd come upon scores of yellow uniformed students on the beach and had became intrigued by how they were 'projecting' their energy and bringing people down, twitching and rolling over and appearing to have lost consciousness or having a fit.

You can see how it would catch your attention. How Paul and others described their state as "everything going black, like you're in a whole other dimension where you can't remember who or what you were". you can even create an energy field around an object to protect it, and thieves "forget what they were doing," and wander off aimlessly. It was unbelievably impressive. No wonder there are over 30,000 Bambu kuners today.

By now I was experiencing this large pipe running from my "source" and down my spine and I seemed to be drawing air (fire) down it. Dez nodded wisely that it was "a channel opening". I still feel it now.

The 'sports' began on the front lawn. We're instructed to creatively visualise contacting what Paul called "the most powerful energy ever on this planet" (which, to be fair to him, he never actually claimed but merely advised would be "a very powerful effective way to think of it"). I'd been swinging my arms, imagining typhoons spurting wildly from my fingers, snorting out imaginary clouds of dark grey vapor's and gobbling down red flames when, suddenly, all my very real doubts came smack to the surface and pulled me out of my growing trance. After all, the most impressive thing so far, by far, had been all those Balinese mowing each other down like machine guns. But what if they had been 'only' practicing? faking it till they made it?! now, amazingly enough, looking back, it must have been about that exact moment that, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Dez pitch forward onto the ground and stay there, shaking, and Paul stooping down to check he was all right. But presumably I was so involved in the exercises I scarcely registered it. Later I found out that, during my Moment of Doubt, brandy too had been 'taken over'.

The moment of truth?

after the "sports", I described to Paul this new sensation I was feeling. It felt like a space between my lower stomach and my spine, like this bubble had blown itself up. It wasn't entirely UN-experienced before, but it felt stronger and more definite. I came to see over the next 48 hours that this was the achievement of my basic aim. We were even taught this "Armadillo Shield" technique where you draw your energy centre as a circle, and then you actually draw outside the circle (this is all visualisation remember) the things you don't want to bother you. Like a telephone, energy stealers, worriers and so on. I've done it now, I've hermetically sealed - not myself in - but the irritants out. It's nothing to do with me telling you words, it's about actually making the picture, that's what sticks firmly in your mind when all the words fade, and it's child's play to summon it when I need to close off my attention energy.

I made a point that evening to get away into the local town. It had been almost like boot camp since we'd arrived, and I made a point of getting Dez to accompany me. We had a lot to talk about, in an honest, matter of fact and deeply impressed tone he described his collapse during the "sports, how an amazing energy had suddenly come through him, how he'd blanked out totally though he retained an image of watching his body falling in slow motion to the ground, he could remember expecting it would bounce back to the perpendicular. Which it didn't, naturally. He was a believer! no possibility of suggestion there then. My Moment of Doubt had instantly metamorphosed into its opposite.

The first two to charge the teacher were, of course, Dez and brandy, the Scottish shaman lady - the two who had felt the Force. In turn, each was taken from the standing group and accompanied to one end of the twenty yard lawn to do their energy summonsing ritual while Paul, at the opposite end, went through whatever he went through to raise the necessary furious rage in himself. Partly, he told us, it involved rekindling previous experiences of rage and he'd gotten so good at it now that he became an absolute psychopathic killer who'd tear us apart if we didn't put him down. (Did I believe that, I queried myself).

Paul further explained that being hit with the energy could be painful, he lost consciousness, went blind, didn't know where his body was or even that he had one for 30 seconds after being blasted, we knew exactly what he was talking about from the Bali video.

Indeed he'd been loath to do it at all on the grass (he'd always done it on sand), most of his groups did not advance as fast as we were doing, and he only took us to this next stage because we were really quite a small and concentrated group - a judgment with which I concurred. We were all becoming very focused.

Eventually we each got to shoot Paul down with energy as he raged across the grass towards us, he didn't fall the same way each time, sometimes you felt (like when Dez did it) that he'd been blasted more heavily, and he once even managed to fall backwards while charging forwards. He'd roll over, sometimes head over heels, then roll sideways to whatever position he ended up, twitching, sometimes quite alarmingly like he was having a spasm, some of the group reported seeing only a ball of raging energy hurtling at them.

When my turn came I was so focused on my Preparation (belching everything else out like black smoke) that suddenly somebody was yelling "Look out he's here!" and I glimpsed him real close and looming silently ever larger, and my body did this sort of 'oh my gawd!' and blasted him with ten halfcocked fingers, then I was coolly observing my Teacher sailing past one side to crash in a heap behind me. When he recovered, I apologised for being so rough (ho ho). with each of us he commented "good focus there", and we all felt (and rightly in my opinion) that we were advancing well.

Except, of course, as Dez and I had discussed on our visit to town, none of that proved anything. There was only one absolute test, I already knew what it was and Dez was rapidly getting there too, Paul had to bring Dez down. Paul had already explained that he couldn't allow us to charge him because our force wasn't concentrated enough yet, our inner organs could easily be damaged, falling on grass, rather than sand, was also dangerous. None of this could be argued with, naturally, but Dez should be able to handle it, and wanted to! we got back to the house, determined to make it happen after the next day's sports.

Charging the teacher for charging us!

When the moment came I was pretty charged up from having just brought Paul down (without actually feeling I'd done anything, though on another level I'd fancied I'd hit him pretty hard from the way his body reacted). I'd been quivering on the cusp of some Might Energy I'd never expected to reach in so few lessons. Where I was weakest in my preparation was lack of passion, else my reaction to Paul's near-miss would not have been an "oh goodness" one!

Dez had just told me, yes, he'd felt the energy again during the sports, even stronger, but that he was now learning how to ride it, to channel it more accurately.

Paul had just finished summing up our day's energy diary, we were still in lines laughing about how red-eyed wild Chris had been when he'd felled his Teacher, and Paul had just said: "yes, you are all very very close to it, you don't need me to tell you that" and we were all feeling it and just knowing we were all feeling it when, well, you could say an energy took me over, I slightly stepped forward and (odd though it seems now) seemed to collect Paul's attention while simultaneously pointing (my fingers!) at both him and at Dez as, looking from one to the other, I said: "Dez was wanting to ask - Dez you wanted to…"

and then it all happened very quickly, some of it in the dark in the sense that I put it together over the next 24 hours as I spoke to each witness.

Dez (finally, as if experiencing a difficulty) said: "yes, Paul, would it be OK for me to charge you?" we both expected a no, which is why the next scene seemed to pass so quickly and irrevocably because Paul immediately said: "OK. let's have you charge brandy, Brandy, can you go over to the receiving end?" Dez and I exchanged glances, this was not bad, this was an even better test! I could see Dez thinking, well, he might have managed it but no beginner is gonna knock me over that's for sure.

( My actual thoughts were, this will prove to me or disprove that yellow bamboo works or not ) looking like your archetype ox he strode forwards to join Paul as they walked off to the charging end of the lawn to (presumably) work as much rage up in Dez as could be mustered, which didn't look too difficult a job, it was probably he who was consciously creating the Ox-like impression anyway, and I had no difficulty visualising him tearing brandy's arms and toes off one by one for each teacher who'd ever ripped him off! We watched the pair of them in a huddle at the far end of the lawn, I saw Paul put his arm round Dez's shoulders. Then a loud kafuffle broke out which was unclear to me but involved Paul suddenly smacking Dez really hard on his right cheek and then even harder on his left. Dez ballooned in height by a foot and yelled: "all right come on then!!!", whereupon Paul steered him round to face brandy Dez then began running towards her like your archetypal flames & black smoke.

Perhaps brandy was too keyed up, maybe not, but before Dez had taken more than three steps of his furious charge she stepped towards him and unleashed the full hissing dragon claw thingamajig, whereupon Dez…..… ploughed forward headfirst over heels to crash on the back of his right shoulder (which was quite seriously damaged as it turned out later), jerked and rolled sideways a couple of times as his previous momentum carried him towards brandy (a full 18 yards away!) finally tumbling to a stop facing us group, face down, arms spread akimbo. Then, in what can only be described as a stunned manner, he heaved his hands up to his head, raised his face in our awestruck direction - though I fancied he wasn't seeing any dimension that included us - and proclaimed "F**K!!" I don't believe it - it works!!!: then his face collapsed into the grass (not sand).

How much proof in 4 days?

From then on there seemed an air of history about the whole venture. This was Bambu Kuning's arrival in Britain and it would not amaze me if it's a household name in ten years, all my tests were passed.

Dez is going to Bali to advance along the path - when he's cured his shoulder. ( Now Cured ) I love that guy! did I say his falling was the final proof? well, his embarrassment at falling so far short of his 'Enemy' was even more hilariously convincing, he kept asking me: "did I really only get 3 steps?" and I kept replying: "if that, bro. you hardly got started." Next morning he tells me Steve says he got nearly half way. I see Steve later and ask him (loads of mental states were flopping around, remember) and he admits that Dez seemed so confused he didn't have the heart to tell him the truth! myself, I only realised how high I'd been when I got back to the normality of London.

There's an illuminating post script. I ended up driving Paul back to London. a very very interesting guy. As I was letting him out at Belize park station, I felt I had to inform him of one detail of which I knew he was unaware. "It's something Dez told me. About when you were getting him ready for the charge? he fully expected, 100%, that you were going to say to him: , Dez just go along with it, if you fall it will encourage the others."

"Is that really what he said?!". "It shows you his depth of cynicism with all this stuff, he told me he had absolutely no doubt that's what you were going to do."

Two nights later I got this exact amyl from Paul, now back in Sweden where he lives:

"Thanks for telling me about Dez's doubts. I can't tell you how much it makes me giggle. The funniest thing I have heard in years."


Well that's my story written by a fellow Yellow Bamboo student who, like myself, was skeptic until our experience. Until I had experienced first hand the power of Yellow Bamboo, I would not believe it either, Now I have had a taste of this unique energy, I am going to Bali to learn from the Masters in the Native land where it all began.

Just imagine if you had the opportunity to train with the founder of Reiki, DR Usui, and learn Reiki whilst he was still alive (what would that be worth to you??). well that's what I did, I trained with the founder of Yellow Bamboo in Bali.

Oct 2004

I have now returned from my intensive 10 day Teacher Training course in Bali and I had experiences which smashed my belief structure beyond belief, I will share my experiences and teachings for people who are serious about building up their energy systems and energy fields in the quickest time possible, you do not have to train for years to get the benefits of Yellow Bamboo, the results happen in just a few days of serious training.

May 2005

I have just returned form another 10 day intensive training course in Bali and the founder shared some insights and secrets of Yellow Bamboo energy work, he taught us many new ways of using the energy especially from the healing side of things, we have arranged another training course in Bali for October 2005

Dez Sellars

Official Uk Registered Teacher of Yellow Bamboo ( Bambu Kuning ).











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